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The New Seat Performance EV Becomes A Cupra

Added: 07 August 2020

The Seat el-Born was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 and looked to be Seat's first performance EV car. Since then, the model has transformed into a Cupra, Seat's performance division that also manufactures SUVs. The new e-Born Cupra that was meant to be unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show has been announced in principle by Cupra and is expected to be released sometime next year.  

Seat And Cupra

Formerly known as Seat Sport, Cupra is the high-performance division of the Seat car company. The performance brand started-out life in the mid-nineties despite Seat enjoying success with some rally models in the 1970s. But it was entered into the FIA 2-litre World Rally Cup that kickstarted the brand. Ever since, Seat has developed its performance cars under the brand Cupra, a combination of cup and racing, but sometimes the Cupra beans are also applied to road cars with high-performance.      


EV Performance 

Only a decade ago, electric vehicles were considered less capable than their combustion-engine counterparts. Fast-forward ten years, and there is a massive range of vehicles capable of matching many combustion-engined cars on acceleration. The new Cupra el-Born is one of them, capable of achieving 0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds. With the market for electric vehicles booming and only likely to grow, many manufacturers are investing heavily in creating vehicles that perform well on range and compete on performance.  

The Cupra el-Born Concept  

CUPRA el-born concept car

The upcoming Cupra el-Born is the brand's first electric hot hatchback designed with acceleration and everyday performance in mind. There is limited information on the vehicle expected to be unveiled at the canceled Geneva Motor Show. We know it is assertive-looking and flashy with Cupra's grey and bronze styling trims used to dramatic effect. The released images of the Cupra e-Born show a car that caters to the imagination, in reality, there will likely be a pared-down version for the mass markets, and there will probably be more EV performance cars to come on its heels. 

The Cupra el-Born Battery 

One of the critical components of any EV is the battery. The size of the battery and its efficiency will determine the range and power output of the vehicles. More manufacturers are now moving away from hybrid models and focusing specifically on full EVs going forward: this means extra investments and innovation in battery technology. The Cupra el-Born battery pack is sizable, 82kWh, and powers a motor on the back axle. It has an increased range from its previous Seat incarnation stretching the 260 miles to 310 miles. We assume its acceleration will also be faster.

The Cupra el-Born Interior

CUPRA el-born interior

Details about the Cupra el-Born are currently sparse, but there is some information about its sporty and high-tech interior. It will feature sports bucket seats and a new Cupra steering wheel. It will feature suede-like upholstery trimmed with leather and soft-touch plastics. In terms of the tech, Cupra says it has full connectivity, which likely means Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Car2X capabilities. Expect more techy features from this futuristic car include smartphone access and augmented-reality head-up displays. 

To find out more about the Cupra el-Born, or to take a test drive, contact us at Heritage SEAT today.

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