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Is SEAT the Leader in UK Automobile Mental Health?

Added: 11 January 2021

SEAT mental health app

SEAT has all along been known as a company that concentrates more on the users' wellbeing when making its cars. SEAT has done one better by introducing more user-friendly vehicles, especially when it comes to health. The company has continued to show that it intends to remain as one of the top car makers.

Here are some points to confirm this:

  • SEAT has been making cars since 1950
  • SEAT vehicles come with 12 months online entertainment subscription
  • SEAT is the only car manufacture from Spain with the ability to manufacture its in-house vehicles
  • Over the last ten years, SEAT has been producing new models every year.

What to Expect From the New Model SEAT Vehicle

Resourceful and curious people are already aware of some of the features of these new vehicles.

Here are some of the details known so far:

  • The new U.K. model will have an in-car mental health S.O.S. function.
  • The vehicle will have four drive profiles: Sport, Eco, Individual, and Normal.
  • The dynamic headlights will have a range performance control.
  • The navigation system shall have a 10-inch smart display.

It is clear that new healthier features will complement some of the already existing attributes of the current models. Time will tell whether there will be any radical changes to the latest models.

SEAT Mental Health Attributes

The primary attribute that everyone is waiting for is the in-car S.O.S. assistance meant for enhancing mental health. With almost 90% of U.K.'s car owners believing that taking a drive improves their mental health, this will be an instant hit.
This in-car feature provision results from a collaboration between SALT and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). New SEAT vehicles will get a Q.R. code that can be used on the vanity mirror.  Applying the code takes one to a page on CALM's site. This website has an impressive design where the driver can talk and share what is in their heart.
The main motivation behind this feature is that U.K. drivers who go on drives to clear their heads do not talk to anyone. They just drive around and then come back without sharing their problems. With this mental health S.O.S. feature, they can now share their tribulation in a safe and discreet manner.

Usability of the S.O.S. Function

We understand that this mental health function will be available to all owners of the new model. These SEAT vehicles will particularly be meant for U.K. car owners who have shown signs that they will welcome this idea with both hands.
It is understood that these vehicles will be readily available. Anyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of such a vehicle can get one from reliable dealers such as Heritage SEAT, which is located in Bristol and Gloucester.

Is This a Way of Keeping a Promise?

The incorporation of this mental health-oriented SEAT technology results from the long partnership between SEAT and CALM. SEAT had hinted about making this particular type of car a year ago. Consequently, the new feature is a way of SEAT keeping it’s a year old promise while at the same time looking out for the mental health of UK drivers.

Contact us at Heritage SEAT for more information. 

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