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New Mk4 SEAT Leon Arriving in Spring 2020

Added: 19 May 2020

Red SEAT Leon FR from rear

SEAT has revealed the specifications of its new fourth-generation Leon, coming in Spring 2020.

Continuing a product line that has sold more than two million units worldwide, the 2020 SEAT Leon offers drivers a sportier design, added connectivity and a smoother driving experience. What else can we expect to see from the Mk4 Leon?


The 2020 SEAT Leon features an evolutionary design, drawing on the current Leon while also taking inspiration from the aesthetics of models such as the Ateca, the Tarraco and the Ibiza. According to Joaquín García, SEAT’s head of exterior design, the Leon “has a certain DNA of its predecessors.” But for all this inspiration, the new SEAT Leon has evolved into something very different and much improved.

The new model has more of a “cockpit” feel, with a curvier front profile and upright windscreen that sits closer to the driver. More radical changes can be seen at the rear, such as the addition of a coast-to-coast rear tail light, with brake light integrated rather than a separate unit as before. The most notable change, however, is an 86mm increase in length which contributes to a massive improvement in rear cabin space. Increased legroom means adults will feel much more comfortable sitting in the back, particularly with the addition of wider rear door openings allowing more accessible entrance and exit.


Updated technology and modern interiors give the new SEAT Leon a more luxurious driving experience. At the same time, the cleaner, more straightforward dashboard and increased cabin space provide an additional level of comfort. One of the most exciting new features is the wraparound ambient interior lighting. A lighting strip spanning the dashboard and front doors, it shows various user-configurable shades and hues depending on the situation. This is more than just an attractive feature; it is also a major safety improvement. For example, the lighting strip can flash to grab the driver’s attention in the event of a blind spot warning or oncoming traffic while reversing.

Gadget-wise, the SEAT Leon leaves drivers more connected than ever before. The new SEAT Connect app sends live updates on traffic, routes and parking, as well as allowing users to lock and unlock the doors remotely. It will also send an alert and sound the horn if the car is stolen.

Additional technology features include:

  • A ten-inch infotainment screen

  • Alexa capability

  • Constant connectivity, allowing the system to update even when the engine is off

  • Natural speech recognition and gesture control

  • Real-time information via embedded SIM card

  • USB-free Apple CarPlay

  • Wireless smartphone charging


The 2020 Seat Leon comes with five options of engine - three petrol engines, a diesel and, for those who want to cut their fuel bills and do their bit for the environment, the more eco-friendly mild-hybrid. Leon’s first hybrid engine combines a 1.4v petrol engine with an electric motor and 13kWh battery pack that allows the Leon to travel up to 38 miles on electric power alone. 

The Seat Leon arrives in Spring 2020. Click here to book a test drive or make an enquiry.

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